Management Cluedo

Means, Motive and Opportunity

Means, motive and opportunity, it works for murderers so why not for managers?
• Motive, the force (external or internal) that gives you the need to take action
• Means, the relevant physical and intangible resources you have that enable you to take action
• Opportunity, the suitable time and place where you can take action

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Mature Decisions

Everybody likes a Maturity Model these days. It's the management version of Top Trumps. So before you worry about how mature your enterprise is at doing stuff, here's where you consider the stuff you choose to do in the first place. How good is the process around the business choices you make? Would you like to make it better or are you happy that your luck will continue to see you through?

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Money in Weighting

How do you choose between options when you can’t put a price on them? When you are comparing the multiple criteria in your decisions, what currency do you use? How can you make it ‘common currency’?

You’re building a case to invest and you use points to prioritise the results we want to see and the extent to which each option will deliver them.

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Naive Questions with Complex Answers

Have you ever read a business case, got to page 10 and still not understood what it was for? Worse, have you scrabbled to realise the benefits when no-one could explain why they bought the kit in the first place? We live in a complex world with no simple answers, but maybe there are some simple questions that could help.

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Pan Narrans


The story-telling ape and how he spoils your choices.

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Personal Goals

Mapping your personal goals

The Benefits Dependency Network works well for business decisions. It's worth trying it on your personal goals. It might come as a surprise just how similar personal and business decisions are.

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