Agile Benefits Management

Benefits in bite-sized bits...

Agile delivers time-bound pieces of functionality. It has the flexibility to adapt to circumstances and lessons learned from previous time boxes.
Benefits Management can work well in an Agile setting but it may have to run to keep up


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Benefits-led Agile

A strategic wrap around tactical Sprints

Sprints begin with Product Owners describing their requirements and prioritising what gets done next. MoSCoW (must, should, could, won’t do) selection of what they want and the order they want it in sets the Product Backlog for the developers to concentrate on in the next round of work.

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Biggest Barrier to Change

Management workshops and discussion boards often ask what gets in the way of successful change. Typical replies say that Barriers to Change are:
• Money
• Senior sponsorship
• Individuals’ resistance to change
What’s missing here? How about, “It was a dumb idea to start with”?

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Bored with Benefits

Use of cavalry

It’s time to move on. I can’t walk into a meeting nowadays without someone mentioning ‘Benefits’ and the thrill has gone.

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Business Benefits with Value

Picking 'Good' Benefits

Rather than concentrate on the methodology, this page describes the output of Benefits Management. The processes, tools and forms are there to help you produce good benefits. They are not ends in themselves. Instead of getting bogged down in the paperwork we must understand what we actually want to achieve.

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Cargo Cult BDN

Just because it looks like one doesn't mean it is one

Are your networks fit for purpose or are you drawing them out of superstition?

Kite strings BDN DW

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